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Project Description
ChaosKit is an online resource offering time series prediction of chaotic series from science and finance, hosted on Azure. This project acts as a user interface and template for connecting to the web service, uploading time series, and using the web service in real time.

Scientio provide a Chaos theory-based time series prediction and analysis web service described at
There is an existing Silverlight based user interface at which enables the user to upload time series and analyze them.

This project is intended to offer a platform for development of more complicated interfaces, including using the ChaosKit service for real-time predictions. The language of the source is C#.


Please note that anything other than analyzing and predicting the demonstration time series will require you to log in to the Scientio site, and that there are nominal charges for using this service, intended to cover the cost of maintaining it. Having logged in to the Scientio site, which can be done using your Windows Live id, as well as IDs from a range of other sources such as Yahoo and FaceBook, you can credit your account via the Acount page

The application requires you to supply a web service ID which can be found on this account page. Please keep this secret. You will be responsible for any charges incurred using this key.

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